Tam O'Shanter Cottage Urban Farm Trust is a Registered Charity Number 505444

We receive no statutory funding and rely on income generated and public donations to stay open.

Please support us as we try to save and create memories for today's children.

We have not been able to run activities and events for almost a year and our reserves have very nearly gone. We are ineligible for most grants as we are not a front facing charity that directly supports the more vulnerable in our community, but we want to be here once this hard time is over.

We have lots of ideas, events and activities planned for the future, but need to get through the next few months. There are many ways you can help us to get through the current lockdown.

In return we will work hard behind the scenes to be here, with several new projects to help our community recover from the current crisis, when it is over.

  • Direct donation to our PayPal Friends and Family account:

  • We have our Go Fund Me page specifically set up for our lockdown struggles:

  •  Direct donation by bank transfer or set up a monthly direct debit, even if it’s just a few £s a month it all adds up:

Tam O’Shanter Cottage Urban Farm Trust

HSBC Account Number: 91521500

Sort code: 40-10-26



  • Send some funds direct to our animal feed and bedding merchant – Manor Farm in Frankby. How? Give Stuart a call through the Manor Farm, Feed and Bedding Facebook page (there is a little phone icon near the top). Tell him what you would like to pay for, or how much you can spare, and he will suggest something, take the payment and deliver to the farm for you.

    We need shavings and straw to provide beds for all our animals. They eat a huge amount of hay for little mouths. The ponies eat Happy Hoof. The alpacas and the pigs eat ANYTHING but do need some special pellets to provide vitamins and minerals.
    REMEMBER – every little helps!
  • If you are passing the farm on your daily walk / exercise you could drop off some carrots or vegetables to add variety to the animal’s diets.

  •  Become a Co-op member and then select our farm as your nominated charity. Then each time you spend £1 at the Co-op and give them your membership card we receive 2p:

  • Put your name forward to join Friends of the Farm. The group will support the fundraising and profile of the farm in a group, individually and support our efforts to raise money. Contact:


  • You could run your own sponsorship event too!
  • If you work for a small business (or a large one) that has been open during lockdown, maybe you could ask your colleagues or employees to sponsor us. There are a few ways this can be done. E.g.
    We can provide advertisements for a year that are displayed in our picnic / play area – the busiest place on the farm. The period of display will start from the time lockdown is over and continue for a year.
  • We also have collection boxes we can drop off at your shop so you can display them on your counter tops – if you are able to open and have room for one contact
  • You could sponsor our animals for £30 a year and get a soft toy, a certificate, an animal experience with a photo opportunity. Contact

Keep an eye on our website or Facebook page for updates and share our information on your own Facebook page.

We get hundreds of people messaging us asking whether we are open. It takes lots of resources to get back to everyone promptly and we hate not getting back to people but sometimes one or two messages slip through the net.

We have our volunteers working on building bird boxes, hedgehog houses and other items, which we are planning to sell on our website very soon.

We also have a community consultation coming up and need as much feed back as possible. So please keep your eyes on our social media!

Thank you for your continued support!

Boundary Road, Bidston Hill, Wirral, CH43 7PD

0151 653 9332

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