Yes we have 2 new additions to the alpaca herd. Many of you will have seen the social media posts of the gorgeous babies. I am no expert on alpacas but Julie is so she has been looking after them and was there at the births. Liquorish has a baby we’ve called Honey and Cola has called hers Alexa but they seem to answer to most things.

It’s such a pity that we are not open to the public. Just as you are missing out on seeing the babies, they are missing out seeing you. They are curious little creatures and miss having visitors to watch.

Unfortunately Vanilla wasn’t pregnant after all. It is very hard to scan an alpaca so she is feeling left out but we are giving her extra treats so don’t worry, it just wasn’t to be this year.

After all that excitement they had the horrid day come when they were sheared. The mums (and Vanilla) were getting very hot and itchy so we had the shearing man come out. It wasn’t a nice experience but they are now a lot cooler and more relaxed in the sun.



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