The website is changing

From May 2015, we are developing a new, updated website.

We need your feedback to help make these new pages as good as they can be. If there is anything you think we should include for you; anything you think would be confusing or difficult to use; any information you want to find easily; or anything you would like to see improved, please let us know. Equally, if there are things that you really like about the existing pages, we would still love to hear from you!

Why update the website?

We have reviewed the existing website and have identified many areas where we think we can improve.

One of our aims is to bring you the information you need more quickly and help you find things easier. We are doing this by improving our content, simplifying our navigation and reducing the clutter on our pages.

We want to bring you a fresh, modern web experience which works equally well on whatever device you may be using – a mobile, tablet, screen-reader, laptop or desktop computer.

There are many ways we can to make the website better and your feedback and ideas are important to help us do this. We will be starting work and trialling new things in the coming weeks and months so you will see more and more areas of the website updated and improved.

Your feedback and input to the new site will help us make things happen. Please get in touch with your ideas.

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