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Three guinea fowl

Three guinea fowl

The Guinea fowl (sometimes called guineahen) are a family of birds in the same order as the pheasants, turkeys and other game birds.

This is a family of African, insect and seed eating, ground-nesting birds resembling partridges, but with featherless and spangled grey plumage.

They are large birds which measure from 40-71 cm in length and weigh 700 -1600g.

Guinea fowl have a long history of domestication.

Guinea fowl chicks, or "keets"

Guinea fowl chicks, or “keets”

The young called “keets” are very small at birth. The keets are kept in a brooder box inside the house until about 6 weeks of age before being moved into a proper coop/enclosure. They eat lice, worms, ants, spiders, weedseeds, and ticks.